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Jun, 2020

SPYF and Pro 3 Solutions

Here is why SPYF has chosen to hire Pro 3 Solutions to clean our equipment including helmets, shoulder pads and blocking bags.

Pro 3 Solutions Statement:

We all want to keep our athletes safe.  We make sure they have the correct fit on pads, that the equipment is the most current technology for minimizing concussions and injuries, and that we provide the appropriate support to protect joints.  But what about the things we can't predict or even see?  There are currently extremely dangerous bacteria and viruses that live deep within the fibers of athletic equipment that can lead to serious health complications.

Pro3 Solutions is the solution to guard our athletes against bacteria and viruses.  Our process is completely safe with no residual or skin exposure to harsh chemicals.  A bonus side-effect comes in the form of reduced smell.  Because many of the smells associated with athletic equipment are the direct result of these organisms, when the organism is killed, the smell will diminish as well.  

How does it work?

The Pro3 Solutions DISINFECT & PROTECT treatment strategy is a 2-part process.  The first step is the DISINFECT phase which utilizes a patented and scientific biological process designed to eliminate any virus, bacteria, mold or mildew.  The second step of the process is the PROTECT phase where an EPA and FDA registered antimicrobial coating is applied for a lasting defense.  Simply put, when this applied to the surface a shield is created which continually prevents the growth and formation of virus and bacteria.