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Coaching for SPYF

SPYF does not provide salary for any coaches at any grade level.  Coaches are 100% volunteers.  As with any coaching role, coaching football requires a significant amount of volunteered time and dedication.  It is imperative this be kept in mind as we cannot expect our players to be dedicated if our coaches are not.

SPYF provides an excellent experience for players and also works to help new and experienced coaches grow in their role.  While coaches are primarily focused on developing their specific team, there is exposure to other coaches and players through time spent on position specific, grade level practicing.  This approach promotes consistency, allows coaches to teach and learn from other coaches and exposes all players to the strengths of all coaches at a given grade level.

All coaches represent the SPYF organization and are expected to promote the philosophy of the organization through their coaching practices.

Keep it Fun: In youth football, you've been successful as a coach if you've made the game so fun that kids want to play it again next year. Winning is more fun than losing, but winning is not the thing.  Fun is the thing. 

Teach the Fundamentals
: The success of the Sun Prairie High School Football program is the result of, and the purpose of continual focus on teaching the fundamentals.  The playbook becomes more complex and the game gets more complicated from the higher grade levels through high school.  Ensure time in your practice plan to focus on fundamentals, teaching correct blocking techniques, proper catching and how to make a solid tackle. Set them up for success in their future football career by providing a solid foundation now. 

Teach Good Sportsmanship:
We are privileged to have a role in the shaping of some young people, and we need to take that responsibility seriously.  Encourage good sportsmanship and physical intensity at the same.

Keep It Safe
: Football has always been a physical game, with many injuries, and injuries are a normal part of most
sports. However, the reputation for football has gotten worse recently.  Coaches must ensure safe play for injury avoidance.

Build Lasting Relationships
: It’s not just about the game of football, it's about relationships. Coaches can have a big impact on a player’s life. For some players, coaches may be one of the primary adults in their life. Make a positive impact.